MED & IT Trading GmbH - Services

We come to you direct and take details of your used equipment with photographs and a description. Based on this information we will offer a fair market price. Please note that Med & IT Trading may not necessarily travel far for low volume. Thank you for your understanding.

We will work together with our banking partners to offer and implement a customized solution for you. Subject to availability, if you have a short term need for equipment, we are able to offer competitive leasing rates.

Maintenance and Service
We offer corresponding service and maintenance contracts on all Siemens equipment. Spare parts for x-ray devices of other manufacturers are also available.

MTK, STK, etc.
On request we can offer a competitive price on testing of equipment. Testing is carried out by a well trained and qualified partner of MED & IT Trading.

We will purchase your used medical and laboratory equipment, thus releasing funds to purchase new equipment.

Procurement of your desired device
We are more than happy to try and procure a particular piece of equipment for you. Please contact us via email with details of your request and maximum price. We will do our best to source the equipment at a very competitive price. There is also the possibility we have what you are looking for on stock, so please call us.

Professional Waste Disposal and Relocation of Technical Medical Equipment
ogether, with our partners in technology, we will support you in the skilled disposal of medical equipment or relocation of such equipment.

Removal and Installation
Thanks to our extensive network and using experienced, trained technicians, we can arrange professional medical removals and the
installation of used equipment throughout Europe.

Shipping/Freight service
We are always happy to organise the safe transportation of your medical equipment to your chosen destination. Please refer to our shipping terms for terms and conditions.

Spare Parts
We can procure spare parts for almost all of our standard equipment.

Generally consumers, (practicing physicians etc), purchase functional applicance with 6 months warranty. A 12 month warranty is also available for most equipment on request.

Dealers receive 14 days warranty on equipment.

Deffective, faulty equipment, supplies and accessories are sold without warranty.

The period of warranty is valid on receipt of the goods.