About Us

Med & IT Trading was founded in March 2008 as a sole prioprietor. The decision to set up such a company was based on years of experience in the leasing and marketing area dedicated to the fields of medical devices and IT hardware.

Our focus, up until the end of 2009, was primarily on the purchase and sale of used medical equipment and laboratory supplies combined with value added services such as MTK, STK, disassembly, installation etc..

Since expanding in early 2010, we now offer hospitals, day clinics, outpatient surgeries and medical care centres NEW high quality
medical technology that is predominantly produced in Germany. Equipment such as rigid endoscopes, shaver and surgical instruments with accessories and consumables for the surgical area. 

The range of NEW equipment consists of:

Disposable products for the surgical field

Cold Light Cable

Rigid endoscope for laparascopy, urology, ENT
(othoscop/sinuscope), arthroscopy and orthopedics

Shavers, shaver blades, saw bladed for all current systems

RF devices and RF accessories

Endoscopy equipment

Container, sterile goods containers

Syringes, various surgical instruments