Dear customer,


MED & IT Trading is a family run company which has the target to provide you with excellent services and high quality medical devices (mainly second use) in order to help you with your demand.

We are very sorry to inform you that we are unable to provide a fully automated shop order system as due to

  • Our worldwide located clients (tax issue, custom documents, ect.)
  • Wide range of products with weight from 100gr. up to 1 to and extrem different sizes and shapes
  • The many shipment methodes we offer to your needs (parcel, express parcel, land-/sea-/air freight)

This points to consider in the shop software as well as to administrate is to expensive and does not stand in relation to the benefit. Thank you for your understanding.


Therefor your order will be submitted to us without calculation of tax or shipment costs. Please forward your complete invoice and delivery address and contact details as well as your preferred shipment methode. We will send you shortly a complete offer incl. tax (if applicable) and shipment. If you wish you get offers for different shipping methodes.

For your safety we ship all items with our own transport insurance which will cover 100% of the purchase value. PLS claim any damages on delivery immediately on arrival and get a damage confirmation from the delivery person. The transport insurance will be charged with 1% of purchase value.

Possible Shipment methods:

Parcel shipment:

Run time 2-4 days within Germany, 3-6 days within EU, 10-15 days worldwide, with tracking number, up to 30kg

Express shipment:

Run time 1-2 days within Germany, 2-6 days worldwide, up to 300kg, with tracking number, to your door delivery

Land freight:

By truck, 2-3 days within Germany, 3-7 days within EU, NON EU on request, to your door

Sea Freight:

CFR to sea port, 2-4 weeks, Bill of lading, etc., pick up at sea port

Air cargo:

CFR to air port, 2-4 days, bill of lading, etc, pick up at air port